Tracing People

We trace people - not just in berkshire but across the UK. To start an enquiry, call 0118 9733 049 and tell us how much you know - or make an email enquiry on

Tracing people locating missing persons

Tracing people for solicitors trying to find the beneficiaries of a will, and tracing birth parents or adopted children as well as a myriad of other reasons, we have access to professional resources that got beyond those generally available on the internet

It may be a straightforward process if you know the name of a person, or a more complex matter of first identifying someone. Either way, our principle is that anyone is able to be found

We often have to work with minimal information - such as just a christian name

Corporate Investigation reading & Berkshire

Tracing people for businesses who may have lost contact with a debtor or may need to get in touch with a past employee

Private Investigation

Identifying the person who has been seeing your partner or tracing such as birth parents for private clients, often with as little as a name


Finding the beneficiaries of a will for firms of Solicitors & and the other needs of legal firms such as someone who needs to be served

Private Investigator Media articles

Our tracing services have been featured in local and National press - read what otjhers have to say about us

Private Investigator

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