Personal Investigation

Discreet, confidential Investigation of any personal issue, be it a metter of suspected infidelity or tracing and finding biological parents Telephone 0118 9733 049 to talk about any issue - or Email Anything we discuss will be in confidence

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Discreet Personal Investigation

The betrayal of trust in a relationship is extremely damaging; knowing the truth of what may be a difficult situation will help you make the right informed decisions. We will get to the truth of a matter, obtaining evidence that shows the true perspective

Talk to us - confidentially - no matter what your problem is. We have a listening philosophy and will suggest, advise and implement

surveillance reading & berkshire

Discreet surveillance of a spouse or partner shows the true turn of events, rather than, perhaps, what one is told. Local observation by experienced Investigators adapting to town or country environments

computer investigation reading & berkshire

The secrets of Computers and mobile 'phones can be unravelled forensically. Many have made the mistake of thinking that a file will be deleted only to find that the evidence is recoverablefactual, and irrefutable

tracing people reading & berkshire

We locate hundreds of people each year through a mix of database research and physical enquiry, often with the slimmest of information such as a first name. Data research may mix with physical enquiry to confirm a person's identity

Private Investigator

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