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The employee who is off long term sick, but perhaps perfectly fit. The staff member who is setting up in competition to your business. The Manager who is defrauding you. Talk to us. 0118 9733 049 or email info@private-detectives.co.uk.

Computer forenisics IT investigation


With the reversal of fees for Claimants in Employment Tribunals, the number of spurious Employment Tribunal claims has spiralled. With the right evidence - obtained through research and surveillance or possibly investigation of a work laptop we will, in most cases, make the threat of tribunal simply go away


Although you may be tolerant of your staff member having another means of employment, it may be injurious to your business, especially if it is preparatory to setting up in competion. Discreet surveillance will often prove the matter one way or another - such as the employee we recently encountered who was working for not one, but two competitors


Pinching some enevelopes from work is one thing, but sometimes matters can be more serious, especially if it involves not just material goods but a firm's intellectual property; a crime we will help you to contain internally, avoiding damaging negative PR


We use portable equipment to take and expose fingerprints in the work place, identifying a miscreant criminal

Corporate Investigation reading & Berkshire

Investigating more than just the employees of a company, our Corporate Investigation services are comprehensive and professional

Private Investigation

Undetected investigation of personal issues with discretion, confidential between you and us and handled with a delicacy borne from experience


The trusted nature of the staff of a legal firm does mean that we frequently look at the activities of members of the legal profession


On many occasions we have taken the fingerprints of all staff at a company, or those within a department, portraying the exercise as one designed to clear employees of suspicion in a criminal matter

Private Investigator Media articles

You can read and listen to a number of radio, television, magazine and newspaper articles where we have investigated a company's employees, and many other investigative subjects too

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