Employee Investigation

Employees on long term sickness may not be genuine; they may be working for someone else or preparing to take you to an Employment Tribunal. We can help you gain the evidence you need. Telephone 0118 9733 049 to talk about any issue - or Email info@answers.uk.com. Anything we discuss will be in confidence

Computer forenisics IT investigation


Employment Legislation is a minefield. Even with a secure case, it is infrequent for an employer to win should a matter come to tribunal. Answers Investigation will collate evidence to support your case or cause a fraudulent claim to be withdrawn


Most full time employees are required to work full time for one employer only, however some will invariably breach the terms of their contract by "moonlighting" for others. We will get to the truth of a situation and provide the evidence needed


It is not uncommon for a leaving employee to take the office stapler with them, however sometimes theft can be much more serious, and injurious to your company's business. There can be no error - positive proof is essential


With portable crime scene equipment our in-house experts will visit your premises and treat impressions from items or take fingerprints from individuals for forensic development and comparison; fingerprint evidence will be 100% conclusive

Corporate Investigation reading & Berkshire

Local Corporate Private Investigators working in Reading & Berkshire. Dealing with disrupting issues in the business world - from computer forensics to surveillance and fingerprinting

Private Investigation

Sensitive, confidential and discreet, we manage many aspects of personal investigation throughout Berkshire from marital affairs to issues with children, drug use and tracing missing people


Process Serving & Support Services for local Solicitors firms; we serve legal papers Nationally and Internationally as a one stop service, take witness statements and other forms of support


We take fingerprints for Visa & FBI at your premises, and are the only Private Investigation with a dedicated facility in-house. Prints lifted on-site for evidence & analysis

Private Investigator Media articles

We have a high profile in the press, on the radio and on TV in the South and nationally from our being in business for two decades, but do not break confidentiality

Private Investigator

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